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We are a charity registered with OSCR to provide community wellbeing activities to residents of Cardowan – our constitution offers open membership to residents.

The organisation has been formed to benefit the Community of Cardowan as defined by the following postcode areas G33 6A*, G33 6BA, G33 6BB , G33 6HL, G33 6HU, G33 6JF streets: Cardowan Road, Frankfield Road, Ardtoe Crescent, Ardtoe Place, Dorlin Road, Comedie Road, Clayhouse Road, Craigmuirend Road, Mossview Road, Drimmin Road and Cruachan Drive (“the Community”), with the Purposes listed in the sub-clauses hereto (“the Purposes”), to be exercised following the principles of sustainable development (where sustainable development means development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs), namely: 5. The Organisation has been formed to benefit the community of Cardowan area with the following purposes: The organisations purposes are: 5.1 To conserve and protect the natural environment and promote and regenerate its use for local community enrichment as a community owned area for recreation and wellbeing 5.2 To promote and encourage public interest in the conservation, history, and recreational benefits of Cardowan and its surrounding moss and woodland areas.

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