Learning to Ride

Thinking of cycling to work?

Here is a guide for essential cycling skills to help you from choosing the right bike, to skillfully manoeuvring on roads.

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 Some misconceptions about cycling come up, again and again.

Here are some truths behind the myths :

Myth: Cyclists shouldn’t be in the middle of the road

Fact: It’s legal for people to cycle in the middle of a lane and it’s sometimes the safest place.

Myth: Cyclists don’t pay road tax

Fact: Everyone pays for our roads through general and local taxation.

Myth: There’s no cycle proficiency training these days.

Fact: Cycle proficiency training is still happening in schools across Scotland… it’s just called something else now – Bikeability Scotland.

Myth: Cars have right of way over bikes

Fact: People on bikes have equal rights to people in any vehicle.

Myth: Cycling two abreast is illegal

Fact: It’s legal for people to cycle side by side on roads in Scotland.