E bike Loan Scheme

Thanks to funding from the Energy Saving Trust we now have two ebikes available for short term community hire to anyone who wants to transition from car use.

The bikes are ideal for those undertaking commuter journeys for work and education and are available at a hire cost of £20 for three weeks. (plus £20 deposit)

We can also provide buddy rides and route advice for those new to commuter cycling and can also provide signposting to loan schemes to help you purchase an ebike of your own.

With the introduction of the Low Emission Zone in Glasgow this opportunity is ideal for those who want to avoid these charges by switching to sustainable travel. An ebike takes the strain out of the 8 mile journey to Glasgow by assisting you up the hills and inclines, particularly useful on the uphill journey home.

If you are interested in hiring a bike please get in touch by email nccvols@outlook.com