Case Studies

Greenspace and Biodiversity

Cloudberry Communities worked with a Young Greenspace Team to create a forest garden attraction within the local community. From a selection of potential projects options that would add biodiversity value and transform unused land, the creation of a forest garden was strongly supported based on community consultation.

We undertook the initial survey of the land to determine its suitability and subsequently prepared the site for planting. After the composition of trees and flora had been decided on based on our recommendations, we then supplied the trees and fencing material needed to complete and deliver the project.

A fun, family planting day event was arranged where the forest garden was planted and completed. In addition to boosting biodiversity and creating an attractive feature within the community, the services provided by Cloudberry Communities also created the opportunity for young people to connect with nature and with the people in their local community.

Active Travel

Our Greenways and Extending Our Greenways – Feb 2019 to  April 2021.

Following community consultations the Northern Corridor Community Volunteers needed help to kick start community led active travel projects. They needed a body with company status to enter into contracts on their behalf and manage their ambitious active travel projects at a strategic level. To enable this work on behaviour change Cloudberry Communities applied for funding from the National Lottery to provide the staff time and expertise to ensure the project had a sustainable and lasting impact.

Some community successes are highlighted below

  • Led rides to Cumbernauld and Glasgow to show people off road routes.
  • Led walks demonstrating how walking to access local services can be quicker, more healthy and much cheaper than travelling by car
  • Establishment and Launch of a bike library – offering free three week loans to local residents 
  • Establishment and Launch of an ebike loan scheme for key workers and long distance commuters
  • Dr Bike sessions
  • Community Engagement around Public Transport Infrastructure 
  • Community Engagement around the local path network, improved signage and delivery of another loop on the community heritage trail – adding interest for local residents in their daily walks with the potential to attract visitors once restrictions allow.
  • Continued lead working on the Synergy Active Travel Partnership