Officer Role Descriptions

Officer Role Descriptions

Volunteer and Funding Officer - 8-16 hours per week

  • to be responsible for maintenance of website, membership system and voting system
  • to be responsible for following up avenues of potential funding and submitting applications
  • to be responsible for electronic communication to members
  • to ensure all members have equal access to information and training opportunities
  • to liaise with VANL and maintain list of group contacts
  • to collate member requests for litter picks and follow these up

Wildlife and Conservation Officer. 8-16 hours per week

  • to be responsible for selecting, organising and facilitating Sunday Volunteering Events
  • to provide advice on local ecology and wildlife
  • to liaise with third sector conservation bodies
  • to collate member concerns regarding wildlife protection and follow up
  • to ensure member activities have no detrimental effect on local wildlife

Secretary 2-4 hours per week

  • to be responsible for the arranging of committee meetings
  • to be responsible for the taking and publication of minutes
  • to responsible for getting information to members without online access
  • to be responsible for collating votes from active members without online access

Treasurer 2-4 hours per week

  • to be responsible for setting up bank account and maintaining authorised signatories list
  • to be responsible for maintaining accounts
  • to be responsible for noting , recording and issuing thanks for donations
  • to be responsible for making payments via bank account and holding of petty cash

Dependent on work load and extent of membership further officer positions may be advertised to membership by steering committee.