Northern Corridor Community Volunteers

Outlook and Aims

  • Promoting, Protecting and Nurturing Greenspace - litter picks - improving paths - community growing and conservation projects
  • Cataloguing, Protecting and Encouraging Habitats - ecological surveys - getting protection orders - improving habitats
  • Promoting Cultural, Educational and Historical Assets - promoting the history and culture of the area for future generations including links with education service

Our Projects:


  • Organise litter picks
  • identify areas that need improvement
  • Report Local Fly-tipping to North Lanarkshire Council
  • Keep our villages looking the best they can be
  • Apply for funding for equipment and supplies


  • Organise weekend activities - such as nature identification walks and walking our rights of way
  • Investigate which locally significant trees have TPO's in place and gain protection for those that do not
  • Photograph the areas under threat from development to keep a historical record of the area
  • Investigate sources of funding available to improve local environment
  • Investigate sources of available community training
  • preserve, record and encourage wildlife habitats

Our Heritage

  • Pull together information from historical sources on the area to preserve local heritage and increase knowledge
  • Assist local History Groups with their activities

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