Living Heritage

Following on from projects looking at the pre industrial and early industrial heritage of the Northern Corridor and how it came to change from sleepy farmlands to a hothouse of industry, trains and coal mines, which cumulated in our heritage trail, this project was developed in partnership with local communities as part of a graduate placement with the University of Glasgow.

Caitlin Baker, a local student undertaking an MEd/PGDip in Adult Education, Community Development, Youth Work, worked with the volunteers and local residents throughout spring, summer and early autumn 2021 to look at the heritage needs of the area, with a specific focus on heritage assets that could potentially be lost unless they were somehow captured for posterity and future generations.

There has long been a stated community wish for the unique heritage of the area to be captured in a project rather than being dispersed amongst former local authority archives, this work is the first stage in bringing together those heritage assets, with this living heritage project capturing the lived experiences of those who resided in the villages over that latter half of the 20th Century.

It is an ambition that the boards produced here digitally, once complete can be printed for a local exhibition of the heritage and history of the Northern Corridor Villages and that this can kick start the repatriation of the villages heritage archives to bring them home to their rightful and proper place within the villages.