Garden Design 2


We’ve tried to make this garden function on many levels, with a play area for children, somewhere quiet to sit and ample space to grow things. We’ve also taken into account the animals that visit the garden, or are likely to visit, and we’ve tried to make it as attractive as possible for birds, bees, etc.

We’ve also tried to keep maintenance and upkeep to a minimum. Where possible, everything in the garden should be made using recycled materials. This is why we have so many tyres (planters/seating) and many items that could be made from repurposed wooden pallets, such as the raised beds, bench(es), compost heap, bug hotel and car/ship/rocket in the Fairy Glen. Wishing well The well is the garden’s main feature, providing a focal point for seated area, and possibly a solution to excess water on the site (which is a big problem). As mentioned in the notes accompanying the diagram, this could possibly be made using large tractor tyres, which would reduce costs and the amount of labour involved (we wouldn’t need bricks or a bricklayer). If the well was prohibitively expensive, or impractical for any other reason, the totem pole could be moved to the well’s position to become the garden’s centrepiece.

Path We’ve shown the path with round slabs, though this could be changed. It’s hoped that if we make an appeal on local websites (Muirhead Friends & Family, for example) we might be able to source slabs for free, and so the size/shapes may change. However, they could still be painted. Similarly, we could put out a request for bricks, paint, etc. and would hope to reduce the amount needed to be spent on these items.

This could free money to be spent on, for example, more apple trees. Position of beds, planters, etc. Many elements in this design could be moved and/or increased in number, depending on practical considerations (like where most sunlight falls) and the amount of items that we can comfortably put in place.


Costs (approximate)

  • Gravel/sand/hardcore/slabs (path) £600
  • Bricks (well & surrounding area) £400
  • Paint/varnish (for tyres, slabs, etc.) £300
  • Apple/cherry/pear trees £300
  • Bark (Fairy Glen) £200
  • Plants/flowers/seeds £150
  • Bin & water container £50

Total £2,000