Cloudberry Communities

Cloudberry Communities CIC was established as a Community Interest Company and a Company Limited by Guarentee, it's directors are comprised of the lead officers of the volunteer group and other self employed consultants and experts who want to help the volunteer group and its projetcs flourish.

The aim is to deliver greenspace and community led services and projects requested by the community at as low a cost as possible, building local capacity and saving NCCV and other local community organisations the often excessive costs of consultancy and project management.

Directors may also choose to deliver contracted work for other third sector organisations who share the values of the Northern Corridor Community Volunteers, with any profits being returned to projects in the local area and providing local employment in our villages.

All profits of the CIC are returned to the volunteer group for the betterment of local communities and the environment.  Funding applications are made via the CIC so that contractors can be engaged to perform works unsuitable for volunteers and in order to have the correct legal structure to have the capacity to sign leases and enter into long term partnership agreements.


Cloudberrt Communities CIC is a company limited by guarentee and is registered as an asset locked Community Interest Company 

Further details on companies house website