COVID 19 support

As we stepped back from a great deal of our greenspace and community empowerment work due to the current pandemic, another need in our communities - that of access to food and young peoples activities in these difficult times beaome apparent.

From those forced into self isolation and unable to physically access shopping to those whose household income has been wiped out and simply have no budget for food, across our communities we are all undergoing huge challenges and with the support of local volunteers who are well and active we worked hard to ensure that the health crisis did not become a hunger crisis.

The variations in need are huge, from isolated communities with no access to fresh fruit and vegetables to vulnerable people without local support, and we tried to respond to these needs as flexibly as possible and will continue to do so for as long as our funding lasts.

A swift response from funders, allowed us to provide:

  • 30 Comfort packs - basics for those who are unwell
  • 1500 Support Packs - Basic food packs to help vulnerable people self isolating or shielding
  • 3150 Health Packs - Fresh fruit for vulnerable community members who are self isolating or struggling financially 
  • 300 Emergency Food packs - ongoing support for households who are income deprived due to the lockdown, illness or loss of employment.
  • Holiday Hunger Picnics - over 100 young people attended our socially distanced outdoor picnics in Moodiesburn
  • Shopping service
  • Dog walking

Through funding from Comic Relief Shift the power we were able to run two pilot outdoor learning experiences through the last three weeks of the school holidays allowing more than twenty 5-8 year olds to experience nature in a safe environment and reconnect with others as lockdown eased.

Through Youth Link Scotland and the dedication of a great many community volunteers we were able to apoerate a three week summer programme for young people in Cardowan - children who have never had the chance to take part in a programme of activities designed to boost their confidence, allow them to try new things and have fun, and prepare for the return to school after a period of such prolongued isolation.




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As always we are also grateful for the ongoing support provided by Impact Funding Partners through the Volunteering Support Fund - which allows us to pay volunteer expenses, keep our volunteers safe and adapt to training needs.

We recived a steady stream of referrals through VANL, NLC and local groups, and covered wards 5 and 6 of the council area and beyond

, if you know someone in need or would like to help out please get in touch with us